Clinical Pharmacists


Pharmacists are experts in medicines who ensure you get the best from your treatments. They review your medications to make sure they're right for you and help reduce any unnecessary prescriptions.

The pharmacists also handle repeat prescriptions, ensuring they're up-to-date and safe for you to use. They're a great source of information for both your healthcare team and you. If you have questions about your medicines, they're here to help.

Aiya has a special interest in mental health, Ahmed in respiratory conditions, and Ave-Maria in managing blood pressure. They're here to provide personalized advice and support for your specific health needs.

Malwi Shah Malwi Shah Clinical Pharmacist Aiya Al-Sandouk Aiya Al-Sandouk Clinical Pharmacist Ave-Maria Nwandison Ave-Maria Nwandison Clinical Pharmacist Ahmed Omar Ahmed Omar Clinical Pharmacist