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updated at 02:07pm on 06/11/2019

by Anonymous

Very considerate Doctors

The doctors have proactively taken holistic view on symptoms my mum was suffering and escalated matterS that required quicker check ups

Visited in November 2019, Posted on 05 November 2019

by Anonymous

Best practice ever

This is the best, most efficiently run practice I have ever experienced in my 62 years. Over the last few years, I have seen it streamline it's systems, finely tuning them into a marvellously smooth-running machine where everyone involved, doctors, receptionists etc are good-natured, helpful and polite. The triage system in the morning is fast, efficient, incredibly helpful and time-saving. Every aspect of the surgery seems supremely well-organised to waste no one's time. If I go beyond the reception triage stage and see a doctor, I generally see a certain doctor, who is the best GP I have ever come across. He is sympathetic, unbelievably knowledgeable, simply the best ever. When you have a blood test, he phones when he's seen the results to advise you on any action you may need to take. The way my mother's GP's practice is run pales in comparison and illustrates to me how lucky I am to have the Swiss Cottage Surgery. It's taken 60 years, but at last I have a GP's Surgery I know I can rely on. I couldn't praise it highly enough.

Visited in November 2019, Posted on 04 November 2019

by Anonymous

Quick, Friendly, Great practice

Had large amounts of hair loss. Asked for a phone consultation. Got called the next day. Agreed to do blood test to identify source of problem. Day after test was done they called me with results and we discussed a solution. Really great place

Visited in November 2019, Posted on 04 November 2019

by Nick

Great patient care

Following my appointment with the doctor, I wanted to feed back that I received excellent care. I found the doctor’s approach to be professional, respectful, caring and highly informative. In addition, the doctors at reception desk, who do the initial screening/triaging are very helpful and knowledgable, and in general I think that this system of managing patient care/triaging works well. Well done to all!

Visited in October 2019, Posted on 03 November 2019