Online Services


You can book a telephone triage appointment or request repeat medication online once you have registered for online services.

Telephone triage appointments

Please note that you will only be able to book a telephone triage appointment* between 8am - 2pm Monday to Friday from 6:30pm the day before. For example, if you book a telephone triage appointment at 6:30pm on a Wednesday you will receive a telephone call back on Thursday morning.

Please state the reason for the telephone call when you book the appointment. You will receive a telephone call between 8am - 9am the next day from a GP or an administrator, depending on the reason you have stated. We cannot telephone international telephone numbers.

If you are experiencing chest pain or are having difficulty with your breathing, please call 999.

If you require a referral, please book a routine appointment.

Repeat Prescriptions

Only repeat prescriptions can be requested. If your prescription needs to be approved, the request will be sent to your GP . The GP may need to talk to you before they approve it.

Your GP might approve a series of repeat prescription refills for you at the same time. They are sent to the pharmacy automatically, so you do not need to order them each time. This is called electronic repeat dispensing.


Register to use Online Services

Patients registered at Swiss Cottage Surgery can book triage appointments and request repeat prescriptions online via Patient Access or Evergreen.

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