Practice Charter

Core values



What we will do for you

  • All patients will be greeted courteously.
  • We will treat all information confidentially.
  • We are always committed to providing the best possible service.
  • We will give you your preferred choice of doctor if possible.
  • We will always offer the treatment and advice we believe is best.
  • We will arrange a home visit if you are too ill to attend the surgery.
  • We make every effort to see you promptly.
  • We will try and deal with any problems or complaints promptly.
  • You have the right to see your medical records
  • The practice will inform patients of services available by means of its leaflet and notice boards.
  • The practice adheres to an equal opportunities policy.

What you can do for us

  • Please treat staff with courtesy and respect.
  • Please telephone before 9:00 am if you need a home visit.
  • To speak to a doctor, telephone during office hours and leave a message if the doctor is in surgery.
  • Please tell us if you cannot keep your appointment.
  • Please think carefully before calling out a doctor at night.
  • Ask if you are not sure about your treatment.
  • Most delays are due to emergencies – please be patient.
  • Many illnesses can be prevented through healthy living. Please ask for health advice and leaflets.
  • Please arrive promptly for your appointment. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late we cannot guarantee you will be seen.
  • If you attend surgery as an emergency, you may have to wait until patients with booked appointments are seen.

Zero tolerance

The practice supports a zero tolerance policy. Anyone who is verbally or physically abusive to any member of staff, shall be removed from the practice list with immediate affect.


Patient Feedback

Please do not use this form to request or provide any medical information. It is to be used only to provide feedback or comments (positive or negative) on the way in which the practice is managed.