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Here you will be able to book appointments, request medications, and have limited access to test results and medical records. 


You can now book a telephone triage appointment online.

Please note that you will only be able to book a telephone triage appointment * between 8am - 9am Monday to Friday from 6:30pm the day before. For example, if you book a telephone triage appointment at 6:30pm on a Wednesday you will receive a telephone call back on Thursday morning.

Please also state the reason for the telephone call when you book the appointment. You will receive a telephone call between 8am - 9am the next day from a GP or an administrator, depending on the reason you have stated. If you are experiencing chest pain or are having difficulty with your breathing, please call 999. If you require a referral, please book a routine appointment.

Routine appointments must be booked via the reception team, as the length of appointment will vary depending on the nature of the appointment. 

If you are unsure of the type of appointment you need, please contact our reception team.

*You need to be registered with Patient Access to use this service.


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