Book an Appointment

Swiss Cottage Surgery are now offering two ways to book an appointment. Please read through each option and choose the option that better suits you. 

Minor Illnesses 

Swiss Cottage Surgery patients are now able to self-refer for a same day appointment booking with a local community pharmacist offering an enhanced NHS service called Community Pharmacist Consultation Services (CPCS). Pharmacists are qualified healthcare professionals and experts in medicines with five years of training. They can offer clinical advice and over-the-counter medicines for all sorts of minor illnesses, and a same day consultation can be arranged quickly and at a time to suit you. 

Please complete the digital triage tool on the link to see if your condition is appropriate for self-referral to a speedy community consultation today:

Pharmacist Consultation

GP Appointments, Prescription Requests, or Administrative Requests

To contact us about booking an appointment at the GP surgery; for prescription requests or queries; or if you have an administrative query, please follow the link below to complete a short online form: 

Online Consulting - GP appointments, prescriptions, administration

Please contact the surgery first thing in the morning if you have an issue you think needs attention on the same day. 

Last updated: 12/07/2023