Central Camden PCN's COVID-19 Vaccination Programme: Articles

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Dame Joan Collins discussed her experience at our Bloomsbury COVID-19 Vaccination Hub, where she was vaccinated by Physician Associate Raj Gill. 


Dr Ammara Hughes has been documenting her COVID-19 vaccination hub journey through her blog posts. You can view them here:

Dr Daniel Beck spoke to a local newspaper about how the vaccine roll out is going in Camden amongst our BAME communities. 

Our Physician Associates, Raj and Nasra, spoke to St George's about their experience with working through COVID-19 and helping to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine. 


The health secretary, Matt Hancock visited Bloomsbury surgery to discuss the roll out of the AstraZeneca vaccine, but we were yet to receive it at the hub. 

The New York Times visited the Bloomsbury Vaccination hub to get an idea of the smooth vaccine operation we have in place in the UK. 

Dame Joan Collins wrote a piece for The Spectator about her vaccine experience at Bloomsbury Surgery, and encourages all who are invited to book their appointment. 


Dr Ammara Hughes featured in Healthwatch Camden's vaccine Q&A for people that wanted more information on the vaccine itself. You can watch the webinar here.



Dr Ammara Hughes spoke to Camden New Journal about her experience with running a COVID-19 vaccination site. 

Dr Ammara Hughes has written a blog for Healthwatch Camden where she speaks about Covid vaccine uptake, and what we need to do to be able to "learn to live with the virus."